Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a difference a week makes...

So if we hadn't hit rock bottom before, we are definitely there now. The hemmorage of good players continues as Senreiso and Brown have now moved on and the team is mired in a 6-game losing streak. And, it would appear, as close to an official word that the Sox are gone from Reno was found in the Tucson Citizen in an article about bringing the GBL to Tucson. In interviewing league owners and the commish, the author made this comment:

Former Tucson Sidewinders owner Jay Zucker is talking to the Golden Baseball League and the American Association to keep a pro team in Tucson after selling the Triple-A franchise to Reno, Nev.

The Sidewinders are set next year to move to Reno, which will lose its Golden League team, the Silver Sox.

So there it is...the swan song of the Sox begins in a couple of days when they play at Peccole for the last time. So hopefully you can make it out for one last time and support the team.


shabram said...

If in fact the GBL wants to expand to 12 teams (may be a bit aggressive), and they do as the Citizen reports, they would have four teams in Canada (with a good deal of geography between them) and 7 teams in Southern California/the Southwest. That leaves their most successful franchise, Chico, without a natural rivalry.
The GBL has also been talking with Bakersfield and Adelanto officials about moving in should the Blaze and the High Desert Mavericks move to the Carolina League. A lot of what is likely to happen in the GBL depends on what happens in the California League.

shabram said...

This just in...the Bakersfield Blaze announced they will be playing their 2009 season in Bakersfield, which means the High Desert will likely be staying in Adelanto.