Sunday, May 25, 2008

Game Report: Orange County @ Reno (May 24, 2008)

In a true case of the chicken and the egg, was Reno's pitching that horrible this weekend or was the Flyer's offense just that good? Either way you look at it, the Flyers swept the Silver Sox in the opening series amassing 27 runs on 34 hits in the three game set. Making matters worse is the fact that two of the games were 7-inning affairs (one went to an "extra" eighth inning) due to them being part of a double header. So from an ERA standpoint, the damage is even more severe. In fact, after 3 games the starters have an ERA of 10.13 and the bullpen has an ERA of 8.78. And, of course, that doesn't count unearned runs.

The day was a rainy one but it never was enough to cancel the game. I guess on the bright side, since Peccole has artificial turf, there was no mud. But I am sure it was slick all the same. Perhaps that accounts for all the errors in the two games (9 total).

I didn't attend tonight but listened to Ben Deach's online stream. I thought the game would be broadcast live in streaming video by IBN as their website stated; apparently it wasn't though it may be archived now as Ben said it would be. I haven't checked yet.

In any event, the Sox offense made each of the two games very competitive. Both saw the game go down to the wire only to be blown by the pitching efforts at the top of the next frame.

Game one saw the Sox come roaring back in the bottom of the 7th (think 9th) capitalizing on a series of errors by the the Flyers and some key hits to tie the game. Unfortunately, half an inning later, the Flyers would slam the door permenantly.

Game two saw the Reno actually have a lead going into the final stage of the game before Kevin Fredrick, one of two Sox players with MLB experience, gave up three runs before recording an out watching not only the lead evaporate but also any chance for the team to salvage a win on the homestand.

Errors and miscommunication didn't help either. Senreiso overran a ball and yet another ball dropped to the ground between two players when Guilen called off the third baseman and then couldn't get the ball himself.

However, the good news came from the team catchers, D.J. Dixon and Gilbert Guilen. In addition to outstanding production during the two games, Guilen produced the first Silver Sox Homerun of the season and Dixon provided what Ben Deach called the "hit of the year" when he capped the comeback to tie the first game of the twin bill with a clutch drive.

Due to the doubleheader, the Sox will have two games off before meeting an improved Roadrunners team in St. George for a five game series. Hopefully that will be enough for the Sox to right the ship and allow them to secure their first win on the young season.


Anonymous said...

SS Fan,

I know it was cold/rainy on opening weekend. I msut say I'm concerned about the attendance and the Silversox commitment to the community.
The attendance was horrible, about 200 per game. I must say though that the Silversox have done NOTHING to put butts in the seats.I get emails everyday from the Sox but, that is contacting the diehard fan who signs up for the newsletter. I have not seen any commercials, advertisements, radio pieces, or any print material.

Keith said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Curt Jacey was on KOLO (the local ABC affiliate). They asked him what the AAA team coming meant to him. He said he didn't see a stadium there yet so it is business as usual. However, I think you are right that if it is business as usual, it is business from 2006. Last year, there were ads in the paper, radio and TV spots, all games broadcast on the ESPN affiliate, and the big bump in game day experience. Maybe they didn't see a big enough jump in attendance to justify the expense. Either way, losing the ESPN link isn't good since they had frequent commercials for the team. But you are right, attendance was horrible so hopefully they have some thoughts on how to fix that. If you asked me, if money is an issue, I'd put flyers on windshields at the local malls or at the casinos with a 2-for-1 ticket deal. Even an uptick of 100 people would make that worth it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, they give 2 for 1 tickets anyway with a safeway card.. so it would'nt hurt.

One last thig is the game announcer still they same???

S Sox

Keith said...

Yes, still the same guy (Mike Murray).