Thursday, May 29, 2008

Game Report: Reno at St. George (May 29, 2008)


Sox win their first game of the season and do it in convincing fashion beating the St. George Roadrunners 15-5. The best part of this was how well things came together for the Sox.

1. The Sox offense continued to roll and racked up an amazing 20 hits in this game. Everyone but Alvarado got a hit but even he chipped in drawing three walks and scoring all three times.

2. Juan Senreiso broke out of his slump in convincing fashion with a 5 for 6 performance including a 3-run jack. This night will raise his batting average by 169 points and it redeems the faith Jeff Leonard had in keeping him as the clean-up hitter through his 2-20 start.

3. Marc Kaiser pitched a great game going 7 innings giving up three runs and ringing up six on the night. Billy Shea wrapped up the game going two innings and ending the game by striking out former major leaguer Wiki Gonzales.

There was bit of bad news...Carlos Madrid was injured sliding into second on a double. He had to leave the game so hopefully there will be an update on his condition soon. Hopefully it is a minor thing and he is back in the line-up soon.

And, before I forget, for those who haven't seen it, St. George has a "live stat" option on their website that looks like a rudimentary version of the MLB Gamecast option they have on their website. I'd love it if all teams had that but so far St. George is the only one I see with that technology. It really makes it easier to follow the radio play by play and it allows you to get caught up if you come in late or have to step away. Kudos to the St. George folks for that as well as the game notes produced for each game; both give the team a professional feel and I for one appreciate the effort.

OK, let's hope we can sustain the momentum and that this last 5 game losing streak is the longest we have to endure this season. Great win, guys!


R.A. Meyer said...

Just found your blog. Thanks for your effort. I used to live in Reno over at Village of the Pines on E Peckham. I'm trying to keep up with the Sox as John Hattig (known as JR on Guam as his dad is also John)is a good friend. Currently playing Masters baseball with his Uncle Herb but our team sucks. John's dad is playing for one of the other teams.
John SR is an interesting player as he's always been a big home run hitter locally and he only throws underhand - even when he plays the outfield. He's been our main fast pitch softball pitcher for decades and has pitched baseball underhanded succesfully as well.
Say hi for us
RA Meyer

Keith said...

Thanks for the comment. I saw you are at Anderson AB. We passed through there en route to Japan one summer on a space-A flight. Wish I had more time to see the island since all my Guamanian friends are so nice and hospitable and say everyone on the island is like that. JR is doing pretty well hitting around .300 right now. I'll pass on your well wishes the next time I am at the park. Thanks for the compliments!