Monday, June 16, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Silver Sox Announcer Ben Deach

Big thanks to Ben for taking the time to do this interview:

1. Please tell me about your educational background and how it led you to the sports broadcast industry.
I graduated from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada in spring of 2007. While I will always value my education, it was working my way up in the radio business that got me to where I am. I began working at Lotus Radio in Reno in 2006 doing behind the scenes work, and 2 months later I started filling in on ESPN Radio 630's local show. From there I was named play-by-play broadcaster for the Nevada Wolf Pack Women's basketball team which helped me to get the Silver Sox Broadcasting Job last year.

2. What has been your favorite experience related to sports broadcasting?

Last July in Chico the Silver Sox were down by a run in the ninth inning against Todd Gelatka, Chico's closer who at that point was the league's best. The Sox hadn't come close to scoring on him all year, but this time, things felt - and were -very different. Reno mounted an improbable rally when Kane Simmons came up with a clutch hit to tie the game, and Carlos Madrid knocked in the go ahead run. Chico then tried to come back in the bottom half, but the Sox hung on to win the most memorable game of the 2007 season.

A close second would be with the Nevada basketball team when Dellena Criner hit a 60 foot shot at the buzzer at a game in Boise in early 2007. Unfortunately, the shot was ruled to have been released a split second late. It's still my favorite single call of my short broadcasting career.

3. How do you prepare for a game and how long does it take?

I put in a lot of time preparing for any broadcast. Preparation is always the key in broadcasting, and I am a big subscriber to that theory. As the season goes on, it takes less time to prepare for each game. You learn things about the players every day and that helps to conduct a quality broadcast.

4. What are your initial impressions of the 2008 Silver Sox?

Offense is their strong point. After the three game sweep of Long Beach, it was made clear that Reno is one of the most prolific offensive teams in the GBL. Bringing Juan Senreiso back was huge. He is a great team leader along with a power threat. Then there is former Blue Jays infielder John Hattig, who is a great hitter and a solid third baseman. And with guys like Ryan Crespi, DJ Dixon, and Andre Alvarado stepping up big as well, the Sox will put up a great deal of runs this season.

5. What is your favorite part about working for the Silver Sox?

While broadcasting is no longer my main responsibility with the Sox, there is still nothing better than being behind the mic late in a close game.

6. For the local readers, tell us a little about your sports program, the no-name sports program. How did you get that job and what is your favorite part about the show?

Well I certainly hope we can lose that title soon, but it is Reno's only morning sports talk show live on Fox Sports Radio 1450, Monday - Friday at 8 AM. My favorite part of the show is when we get quality guests on with us. Silver Sox manager Jeffrey Leonard was on, along with Giants broadcaster Dave Flemming, and a number of well known local athletes. My co-host Chris Ciarlo and I focus on being up beat and entertaining on topics in and out of sports, as people always remember when we bring up things other sports shows would not.


Anonymous said...

SS Fan,
I wih you would have in depth about the Sox future & community involvement. Since Ben is more than just an announcer...

I would love to know his thoughts about the Sox future in Reno? Could they possibly be relocated to Carson City ?
Also what he thinks of the Sox community involvement versus other teams like Chico & OC..

Dave Falk said...

Good questions, it was interesting to hear how Ben got his start.

Next time you talk, I'd be curious if you could get him top share his opinion about the addition of Canadian teams and how he feels that affects the GBL.

Great job Keith!

Keith said...

Dave--I emailed your question to Ben and he answered it on the air. I also heard that he read your e-mail talking about your blog. Great Job.

S. Sox--didn't ask about the Sox since I am sure that is a sensitive subject. But judging by the news that the GBL is talking to the city of Tucson,OSC thinks that is where they are headed.

Anonymous said...

interesting article....

S Sox

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