Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Trip Report and the Sox win last night

I was away from Reno for the past six days on a short family vacation to northern California. I managed to squeeze in three games as well visiting the stadiums of the Oakland As, the San Jose Giants, and the Modesto Nuts.

The last visit actually had a GBL connection. I noted on the roster that they had a GBL Alum, Chris Malone. Having been to Chico for a game in 2005 and 2007, I mentioned that it was a great amosphere there. Well, a guy overheard me and said that Malone was with Chico for only one game and that he too liked Chico and thought it drew better than the Nuts based upon his trip there. The guy was Malone's father. Chris also pitched that night and we got to meet his whole family who was there to see it. I also heard some interesting stories about him which is always good to keep my family interested in the game. Malone pitched 2 innings giving up no runs; in his only start in Chico, by the way, he pitched six innings giving up one run.

As for the Sox, I got home in time to hear the last two innings of the game. The bottom line is that they won and we need more of that for sure. The days off again allowed Marc Kaiser to jump up in the rotation. He only went five and gave up five (four earned) but he did keep the Sox in it which at least gave them a chance. The bullpen, for their part, finished it out allowing just 1 run across the final four innings on good efforts from Mario Guilen and newly signed Jeremy Flanagan. The former got the win and the latter got the save.

Our two players acquired in the trade with St. George continue to make solid impacts on the team as Gary Harris is batting above .300 and stole 4 bases in last nights contest. Ryan Brown went 2-4 and had 4 ribbies as he also is hitting above .300 (his BA is actually .400 right now in limited action).

I will try to get to a game either tonight or tomorrow night and then I have some Army stuff to do so I won't be able to be a regular at Peccole until the first week of July. Hope to see you there!

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