Saturday, June 7, 2008

Game Reports for 5-10 June 2008

I'll be unable to listen to or attend games until next Wednesday so I will just give short comments based upon the box scores and team reports that are sent out. Thanks again for reading and I welcome your comments since I can't be at the game.

June 5th, 2008 -- It looks like things are finally coming together for the Sox. For the second night in a row, the starter gave an excellent performance but this time it lead to the Sox' 2nd win on the season and the first at home. Steve Russell went six innings giving up just 1 run on 4 hits while striking out 6. Juan Senreiso showed flashes of his 2007 team MVP season with a 2-HR, 5-RBI night and all but one Sox player got a hit in the game. The bullpen remains a cause for concern, however, as they gave of 7 runs in 3 innings but the Sox still were able to pull out the win.

June 6th, 2008 -- Wow, what a difference a day makes. After a two good starts and a win yesterday, the Sox pitching got shelled for 17 runs. Starter Mike Reeves was yanked after just three innings after he surrendered 8 runs. Two former starters, Shawn Ravenscroft and Jason Cline came in as relievers for this one and got blasted for their trouble surrendering another 9 runs before the night was through. John Hattig got a homerun in the losing effort and is now second to Senreiso (3HRs) with two jacks on the year. This latest pitching disaster has pushed the team ERA to 10.66 which is last in the league. In fact, second to last is Chico at 7.50 so the Sox are not only last but last by a wide margin. Again, I hope some changes are in order because I am not even sure who the starters on this team are after all the juggling of the pitchers. Hopefully the pitching coach has noticed some things and can make some adjustments; otherwise this will be a long season!

June 7, 2008 -- Some changes were made and hopefully this shake-up gets the team headed in the right direction. Danny Hall, acquired in the St. George trade, and Jason Cline, our #4 starter, were released today. No signings were announced so we'll have to wait for those. But for now, Hall (0-0, 18.00) and Cline (0-1, 18.90) are both headed elsewhere.

As for today's game, the Sox lost again, 10-3. Newly starting Jesse Hall gave up 5 runs in 6 innings which was servicable considering that the Sox score an average of 7 runs per game. Unfortunately, not only was there production below average tonight, but their bullpen once again made sure the game was out of reach by allowing 5 runs over the last 3 frames. I think the guy I am most surprised with is Kevin Frederick. He pitched 8 games with the Twins in 2002 and then 22 games with the Toronto Blue Jays going 0-2 with a 6.59 ERA in 2004. With that kind of experience, you'd think he'd be having a little more success against GBL hitters than his 0-1, 12.60 ERA statistics. Granted, the MLB experience is from 4 years ago but he still has it. He is one of the guys we need to get on track for the 'pen to be successful but he has been ineffective in his three games.

The Sox now get a two day break so hopefully some rested arms and some roster changes can get the guys on a winning streak. Let's go Sox!

June 8th, 2008 -- I found Carlos Madrid was officially listed on the inactive list (as of June 1) and there were two more releases today as C Gilbert Guilin (.333, 1HR, 3 RBI in 3 games) and RHP Paul Wilson (0-2, 15.63 ERA in 5 games) were both sent home. Still no signings as three roster spots (by my count after all the transaction) have opened over the weekend but we should see a completely revamped Sox Roster tomorrow night as they open a set against the Long Beach Armada.

The Armada, by the way, just had their catcher David Parrish picked up by the Rockies. Parrish, the son of MLB-great Lance Parrish, will report to AA.

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