Sunday, June 10, 2007

Game Report: Chico at Reno (6/9/2007)

Well, the three game set came to an end with another Reno victory. It was made a nail biter by another bullpen breakdown. Les Lancaster said that was his concern and for two of the three nights, the bullpen was shaky after a strong performance by the starter.

Keaton Everitt was very strong pitching through a little trouble late but managing to put in seven solid innings were he allowed just one run. By that point, Reno was up 6-1 but the bullpen had another weak outing. Adam Nikolic came on but had control problems as he gave up a single and then three walks that would bring the score to 6-2 when that run was "walked" home. Jason Martinez came on and also gave up a walk. Marshall Plouffe was next in the chute. He is our closer and enters to "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead. He was really good last night but he got stung with a double and then a homerun that brought the game to 6-5. He struck out the last batter to end the inning but not before there were some definite nervous moments at the yard.

The bench players made their bid to be everyday players as Madrid, Sindlinger, and Rodriguez had strong performances for the Sox. They got the starts last night and made the most of them. Madrid had a couple of key hits including a shot that put the Sox on the board first. Sindlinger got on and put himself in a position to score and Rodriguez launched a homerun.

Derrick Loop looked pretty good early for the Outlaws though his move to first did cause some controversy. It was pretty close to a balk a couple of times and this was not lost on the Sox who argued their case to the umpires after Loop picked off two.

The crowd was the smallest of the year at 1301.

The Sox now go on the road. I won't go to another game until the 19th but you can still expect a couple of posts a week until then. I have some ideas including some thoughts the commissioner of the league posted in response to some questions I had as well as a few other baseball related items.

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Peeaanuut said...

I am enjoying reading this so far. I do not have the patience or the time to keep one updated for the Armada but I hope someone will soon. I also like your inclusion of photos as that helps set the mood. (of course me being a photographer thats how I always feel). Keep up the good work and hopefully we will see one for every team in the league.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't make it to last night's game, but I'm glad to see the Sox continue their winning ways against the Outlaws. We lead 14-5 alltime, right?

Keith said...

Wow, you really know your Sox history! Yes, counting the post season, Reno owns Chico 14-5. Too bad you couldn't make it. It was a great game.

Thanks for the compliment, Peeaanuut. I will keep this up all season so please keep checking back.

Mulcahy said...

I just wanted to say that I got an account for this and say that that's my "anonymous" comment up there.