Saturday, June 2, 2007

Spring Training and your projected starting line-up

Being an independent baseball fan requires a person to have a suspension of disbelief. By that I mean a fan has to treat the team just as they would a major league team. They have to buy merchandise, they have to know the stats of their players, and they have to attend practices and other events just as they would if the name on the marquee said "New York Yankees" or "Barry Bonds".

In that vein, I attended a spring training work out session for the team on WED. I and a co-worker brought the total to fans watching the team to "2". But it didn't really matter. I got a good look at the team (though to be honest about the only guys I recognized besides the coaching staff were Hall, Chikazawa, and Madrid as the uniforms were sterile--no numbers or names). I also got the chance to see Les lancaster directing players and giving advice on mechanics which was a neat experience. We stayed for about 90 minutes of a inter-team scrimmage which showed some good pitching, some decent offense, and a situation where three players didn't call the flyball properly leading to Les making sure they knew that wasn't going to cut it on the Sox. All in all, a good session to watch.The Sox do have an exhibition game against the Chico Heat on Saturday at 4PM which I plan to be at with my family. It will be a first look at the team in action.

And, like your favorite MLB team, we should know projected line-ups before the game so we see if there are any battles for the various positions. Here is where they stand:

C: Masashi Chikazawa
1B: Cody Nowlin
2B: Mike Done
SS: Jordan DeVoir
3B: Dustin Hahn
OF: J.J. Sherrill
OF: Victor Hall
OF: J.J. Johnson
SP: Dusty Bergman, Brian Keating, Keaton Everitt

There's your team, Reno! If you want to learn more about them and their lifetime stats, go to the baseball cube site at the right.

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