Sunday, June 3, 2007

Game Report: Chico @ Reno, 6/2/2007 (Spring Training)

We attended the first game of the season last night and it was a fun experience. The weather threatened for the whole of the game and even sprinkled on us three times but it was still a great time.

The music was well chosen and they did a couple organ music spots--I hope they do it more often as it is key to adding to the drama of a baseball game when used at key moments. Hopefully the team sticks with the walk up music it used so we can start to associate it with a particular player when we hear it (just like the majors).

The stands were pretty empty--we counted about 150 people during the third inning but then again it was just a practice game. And it was only mentioned as part of news articles in the paper instead of in an actual ad. But that was fine with me. It was nice to stretch out a bit.

The game itself was interesting. All of the Silver Sox position players got in on the action so everyone got a look. And the game was going fast (it was at two hours in the middle of the 7th) so an extra inning was added so more guys could play.

Reno won 8-5 which is great, though meaningless, in an exhibition game. But the players did well manufacturing runs (Victor Hall swiped one easily as did Gabriel Riley) and Masa Chikazawa crushed the ball twice for a 2B and a 3B. Matt Parris looked great in the starting role and the Outlaws pretty much couldn't get the ball out of the infield against him. There was an outfield blunder of a ball falling between two Silver Sox who will go nameless for now. But other than that and the late game runs scored against (and by) the second squad, the team looked awesome and I am really looking forward to the season starting.

If you were there, let me know your thoughts on the game!

Update: As spring training comes to an end, the Sox trimmed their roster by releasing the following players: RHP Zook Richardson, C Chris Lebouef, C Robert Perkins, C Robert Davis, OF Josh Buhaglar, INF Patrick McCray, INF Jake Wheeler, INF Gabriel Riley, and RHP Kenneth Evoniuk.

Good luck to all of them in pursuing their baseball dreams!

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P_McCray said...

Hi, this is Patrick McCray and I actually played in that game and I was wondering if you had more photos from that spring training game. If so can you send them to me by e-mail. My email is Thank you.